Planning your Wedding: 5 Planning Tips to Remember

As a wedding Coordinator, I often hear from Brides that seemingly have it all together. At least the Basics of wedding planning is already done. They know the wedding date , party size, colors, location, and most know what type of dress they want to wear. But after that they have no clue of what to do next. Well I want to share with you a few planning tips to help you along the way.

the venue

1. Write the Vision, Make it Plan
This is a Big Day of course it should be full of everything you ask for and more. Write down everything you would like to have in, on, or for your wedding. Include ideas such as what you would like to see happen the day before the wedding, certain events, a theme, if any, that you would like to have one for your wedding, your dream location, dress, hair, flowers etc. Don’t force this process just meditate on it for a few minutes by imagining yourself there already. Write down whatever comes to mind first. It may not be a complete vision, but it will help begin the planning process.

bride and groom
2. 1 + 1= 2
This is not only your Big Day, unless you are planning to marry yourself that is. Therefore, it is his Big Day too. It is best to acknowledge that by including the Groom in the planning process. After all, there would not be a wedding to plan if it were not for him. I’m sure he won’t mind you planning the majority of the wedding. Plus he will appreciate being included in on the decision-making process and not just being there to pay for it all. Plus, it helps to keep the communication line open, which is good practice for a healthy marriage.

Saving is necessary

3. Budgeting is a Bitch
According to a recent survey on wedding website, The’s Real Wedding Study of nearly 13,000 Brides, the National average wedding cost is $29,858. This number does not include the honeymoon. Other averages include
Ceremony Site $1,793
Reception Venue $13,385
Wedding Planner $1,874
Wedding Dress $1,281
Whatever plans you are budgeting for remember to always be realistic. I recommend planning at least $100 more than what you originally expected in most categories. There is always something you forgot to calculate into the budget. The article at the Bridal discuss unexpected wedding cost. But as Dana LaRue, Author of “The Broke Ass Bride’s Wedding Guide” stated, “it’s not about how much you spend, but how you spend it.” It may be your day but there will be many more beautiful days to come in your new union that you’ll need to fund so again, Be Realistic.

save the date

4. Date, Time and Place
Most couples have a perfect date planned for their perfect Day. Most couples make the mistake of announcing the date as soon as they determine what will work best for them without having securing any details. I recommend for early announcements of engagement only state the month you are planning. After you have secured the venue for your perfect date then send out official invitations. Exact dates are not as important especially if your wedding is a year or more away.

the guest

5. The List
Building a guest list isn’t fun but very necessary for all points of the wedding. The guest list affects the budget and the venue mainly but also affects the cost of food, cake, and beverages needed amongst other things. The decision about who gets on the list is made by those who have or will be contributing financially. This is usually the bride and groom and both sets of parents. If this is the case and you want to invite 100 people then 25 will go to the groom’s parents and same for the bride’s parents leaving the Bride and Groom with the remaining 50 guests to invite. Making the list should be divided into 3 categories: I must have come, I want to come, and they can come if room is left. This will help stay within budget and be sure that they most important people get are accounted while keeping you with your budget if money and or space is limited. Don’t be bullied into changing things for any one. Whatever you decide please stick to your guns.


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