Merry Christmas!!! Well since you want to know about me I will try and sum things up for you. I am a Public Relations Professional. I began the field  seeking to do crisis management. About a year into the profession my sister announced she would have a small wedding and go out to dinner afterwards. I thought to myself what a Crisis!!!! No girl wants that wedding, okay maybe some but not my sister. So I had one week and little to no cash but she had a bachelorette party, a wedding, and a reception. By the end of the day the bride,groom, and his parents were all thanking me for a great day they had. From then on Wedding planning and coordinating became my thing.

Most people know me for my Communication abilities via  PR , Poetry and other Speaking engagements.  But I love spreading love and what spreads love more than  Christmas; A wedding. Read up and enjoy  and have a Merry Marriage.


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